Sleykh Invincible Iceman (AI)


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Oh wow, a little bundle of "I'll do it my way". Always has a strong opinion of how things should be done and voices his irritation if he is being disturbed in any way. Cuddles are always welcome. Still much a baby that need lots of encouragement and in my eyes the little darling. Yep I'm totally besotted in him.

We started Kimi in beginners obedience classses which he enjoys for about 15 minutes of his 45 minute class. I think his brain gets overloaded, LOL. He also tried out the lure and there I think we hit the jackpot. He loved it!

He is a spitting image of his maternal grandsire.

Kimi is named after the famous Formula1 driver Kimi Räikkönen

Breed : Bred by : Annika Oksa
Sex : Dog Owned by : Annika Oksa
Date of Birth : 8-Sep-18 Handled by : Liz Jewell
Call Name : Kimi Available for stud : No
Sire : Tähtitaivaan Piina (Fin) S: Bobbo De Vale Do Criz (PRT) S:
D: Tähtitaivaan Miisa (Fin) S:
Dam : Sleykh Vivacious Valentina (IID Fin) S: C.I.B. EE. CH. FIN.CH. PRT.GR.CH. PRT.CH. SE.CH LVA.CH. BALT.CH. Zorro Da Praia Do Ribatejo (PRT) S:
D: CH. Tähtitaivaan Choco (IMP FIN) S:

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Noranda, WA, Australia
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