Sleykh Brilliant Honey Badger (AI)


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The clown of clowns is this young boy! From the moment he was born he showed some forwardness and happy go lucky puppy attitude. Then came the phase of "I am to good for you humans" but now he is back being the clown. He is extremely eye catching and demands attention. No difference at the shows. If he isn't part of the deal he screams the show ground down. Yes, and it sounds like someone is killing him. Attention right there!
A bit of mummy's boy syndrome which I certainly hope will go away with time LOL.

We are a little proud of the young man, winning his first BOB at just six months against older dogs and his brother. At the moment he's taken home three BOB's from three shows under competition.

Badger is named after our own Australian Formula1 driver Daniel Ricciardo.

Breed : Bred by : Annika Oksa
Sex : Dog Owned by : Annika Oksa
Date of Birth : 8-Sep-18 Handled by : Liz Jewell
Call Name : Badger Available for stud : No
Sire : Tähtitaivaan Piina (FIN) S: Bobbo De Vale Do Criz (PRT) S:
D: Tähtitaivaan Miisa (Fin) S:
Dam : Sleykh Vivacious Valentina (IID FIN) S: C.I.B. EE. CH. FIN.CH. PRT.GR.CH. PRT.CH. SE.CH LVA.CH. BALT.CH. Zorro Da Praia Do Ribatejo (PRT) S:
D: CH. Tähtitaivaan Choco (IMP FIN) S:


  • 7-Apr-19  Best of Breed, Dog CC, Puppy of Breed
    Canine Stewards Association of WA (WA) (Champ Show)
  • 24-Mar-19  Best of Breed, Dog CC, Minor of Breed
    West Australian Kennel Club (WA) (Champ Show)
  • 22-Mar-19  Best of Breed, Dog CC, Minor of Breed
    West Australian Kennel Club (WA) (Champ Show)
  • 22-Feb-19  Baby of Breed
    Hills Kennel Club of WA (WA) (Champ Show)

Contact Details

Liz Jewell
Noranda, WA, Australia
Phone : 0417591020
Email : [email protected]